Lost & Found: Girl Loses Job, Finds Homeless Vintage Singer, Starts New Life!

My father was an upholsterer and my mother made all of my clothes until I earned my own babysitting money to buy trendier fashions-none made as well or with love. I love to sew and photograph beautiful things - combining those is icing on the cake! When I found my 1960 Singer 500 "Rocketeer" sewing machine, I was in heaven. I hadn't sewn anything since eighth grade Home Ec class so why was I so compelled to sew? I think it was in my blood all along but I hadn't thought I could measure up to my parents' expertise.
I've always had a passion for textiles, especially linen, hemp and vintage fabrics. Loving handmade things and always finding it hard to find affordable quality, I set about learning to sew once again. I found several graphic designers on Etsy whose images I adored so I started off with heat transfers on burlap and linen pillows.
I am currently learning screenprinting so that I can take those same graphics as well as some of my own photographs and attempt a new translation of these images - different colors and tactility.
My other passion is film & photography. When I discovered I could combine them both, I jumped right in. My photographs are printed onto the fabric - amazing!
I'm loving my new life as a business owner and crafter and I take great pride in creating something personal, unique and handmade and then selling it to someone who shares in my appreciation of that item. I had no idea this could be my life one day so how do I thank being laid off?

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